18 de setembro de 2009


The Raptorex
Todd Marshall / AP

For years, scientists assumed that the distinguishing features of the T. rex's had evolved as the creature itself got bigger. "When a building gets bigger," says Stephen Brusatte, a former graduate student of Sereno's and now at the American Museum of Natural History, "you have to build it differently. That's what we thought happened with T. rex."

Now they know better. Sereno, Brusatte and a team of American and Chinese scientists — plus a Massachusetts ophthalmologist — have just announced the discovery of a 125 million–year–old animal that had the same distinctive build as T. rex, but at only about 1/100 the weight.

E assim vamos descobrindo os mistérios deste maravilhoso Mundo. Muitos mais segredos há para descobrir, o poder do conhecimento é realmente extraordinário. Querem saber mais?

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