19 de setembro de 2012

Waking up early...

Today I woke up very early, unusually early. I heard my neighbor shutting the door at 6 am, usually he leaves for work in 6:25 tram.  I could not manage to get back to sleep so I putted my jacket on and went for a short stroll on the lakeside. The sun was hardly visible, pools of yesterday's rain mined the path, the air was cold and I could feel it penetrating my lungs eliminating the last residues of sleepiness.

I wanted to sat on a bench but it was wet. I standed for about 15 minutes and thought about the tasks for the day ahead.  It all seemed quite ok and manageable, although theory is always deceiving. The sun was now fully above the horizon and I decided to leave the spot. Although it was still early I headed home. I liked the feeling of tranquility of those 15 minutes and decided to occupy my mind with something else before doubts emerge, walk away when you're winning

Already at home I decided to devour a few more pages of "Les Miserables", a longer reading session is "booked" for today evening. I did not manage more than 10 pages before noticing its already 7 am. I decide to start my day and headed to kitchen. After making some tea I made the plan to stop by a bakery on the way to work and feast myself with one of these...

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