26 de outubro de 2011

High gravity field... ginger and lemons.

Today I decided to leave work earlier than usual. On the way I bought some ginger and sugar. My plan was to bake an apple cake using some apples I bought last week. I got into the tram that would ultimately carry me home, bought a ticket and sat by the window. I took a book out of the backpack but in doing so the ginger somehow fell and rolled towards the feet of a teenager. She was wearing a black dress, the same colour as the make-up around her eyes. I picked up the ginger from near her feet. She stayed motionless minding her own business kicking the bench in front of her with the biggest pair of boots I ever saw!

I decided to make a final stop at BioCompany to get some lemons and cinnamon that go nicely with ginger. The spooky girl also left and immediately started talking confusing sentences with another girl that was waiting for her at the tram stop. I did my shopping and on the way back I see that the two girls are still discussing but now surrounded by three others. The tram eventually arrives and I get in, the spooky people continue discussing outside. As soon as I sit some one else stands up and asks for my ticket. With the right hand I take my ticket from the left pocket of my jacket, but in doing so I let the bag with three lemons fall. The lemons rolled under the seat to the back to the tram. My ticket was in the meantime checked while I tried to catch the last lemon.

After three stations more I finally arrive to my house. I decide to check my mailbox, I rest the backpack on the floor and search for my keys. I search my jacket but could not find the keys anywhere. I start to empty my backpack. I take the lemons out, the ginger, two books the sugar and the laptop charger. For moments I though I left my keys at work. I realize then that I had the keys in the pocket of my trousers. I stuff everything back in the backpack and open the mailbox, but in doing so three news papers, two letter and an unbelievable amount of advertising falls to the ground. At this point I could care less for things falling down... I collect the two letters and return all the rest of the paper to the paper bin.

Finally at home, gravity seems to take a rest and no more falling things were detected. The cake was eventually made. And I will soon, without a doubt, fall to sleep.

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sofia disse...

e a receita do bolo, cai aqui?? ;)

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