13 de julho de 2011

93 is back...

For about a week the street in front of my house looked like this...

From morning till evening - and some times even during the night - battalions of workers replaced the tracks from old Tram-93. I could not avoid noticing the effort and dedication they have putted into their tasks. I took a picture of a worker smoothing the junction between two tracks that were welded the night before. On the same day after sun set, workers started paving the road, making adjustments on the track switch, removing the temporary "Ampelmännchens" and moving all the equipment to the next section to be repaired.

Today morning the Tram was going regularly after a full week of inactivity. Somehow it was nice to hear again its "ding dong" and see the faces of happy children sticking their nose on the window glass. The next section is now being repaired and the Tram-93 still needs to make some detours from his usual course.

Tomorrow will rain and I might take the 93 in the morning. Maybe one should thank the workers for making the way to work a dry experience?

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