22 de novembro de 2010

Children experience...

Today the weather is really nasty. Cold wind, boring rain, and all the greyness a November sky can carry. On my way to work I always need to wait about five minutes for the connecting Tram. During this short window of time I have the opportunity to appreciate the everyday life of normal people outside the methodic walls of my office.

While seeking shelter from the wind I notice a noisy group of children with ages between 8 and 10 coming closer. I'm wearing a warm jacket and winter shoes, the children come with trainers and colorful pullovers. I stand quiet listening to Frank Sinatra and have a newspaper from Vila Real in hands, the children talk enthusiastically with each other producing melodic compositions of laughter.

In Portugal (and I guess in other countries also) we say something like: the best in the world are the children. Although simplistic and naïve, this expression is loaded with wisdom and truth. Today I've noticed the materialization of the best in world, when a small girl from the group points at me and loudly comments with her friends: Schau! ein Mann mit einem lustigen Zeitung... Then some of them surround me and ask what language is written in the newspaper? I say Portuguese. There is a small choir of amazed Uauuus. The honesty of the amazement, the sincerity of the surprise where touching. Unfortunately the tram comes and I have to say goodbye. The children wave and I leave to work with a smile.

That is the best in the world, a smile on a winter day, all because of the children.

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