11 de outubro de 2013

Four views of Greifswald...

This week I had to travel to Greifswald so settle some details about my Phd. I had the time to wonder a bit in the historical centre of the town and take some photographs. 

I started at the Fisch 13 shop for a typical Fischbrötchen, a North-German-often-overrated speciality (after all its just fish in bread). Fisch 13 gives this otherwise plain food some interesting twists. I had a Matjesbrötchen with plums, sounds strange but it was a rather interesting mixture of tastes.


I then got to the symbol of the town, the St. Nikolai cathedral. A Gothic cathedral made of bricks finished during the 14th century with a tower climbs almost 100m to the clouds. Unfortunately I could not get in, some renovation works is taking place.

Then a short stop at the public market to buy honey. I was surprised by the large collection and the low prices. Since in general life in Greifswald is cheaper than in large urban centres of Germany I decided to get two jars. When I got home and tasted the honey I finally understood why it was so cheap.

The short excursion ended at a book shop. There are several of them in the city centre. I searched for one with old style architecture. The shop proved to be a very interesting one. A maze of  about ten small sections spreading along a number of corridors and two floors. I bough two books and  hesitated on a rather interesting comic portraying the last days of Sefan Zweig!!! When I saw the price on Amazon I regretted leaving the book in Greifswald. I might get it later...

Next time some of you visit Greifswald make sure these places are visited. There are others to explore, but those carry a different story...


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