22 de agosto de 2010

of the rising sun...

Although mankind has been fascinated by the natural phenomenon of sunrise and sunset since the beginning of time, human contemplation of the sun's apparent daily journey around the earth has changed throughout the ages. From pagan rituals celebrating life and changes of seasons to the western romanticism of sunset at the beach, many are the ways to be mesmerized by the influence that the sun brings to our life.

My latest experience with a sun came unexpectedly during last weekend. I was sitting in BerlinHbf train station waiting for the train back to Potsdam. I saw at distance a man sitting on a bench, he was leaning forward in a strange position, apparently the night had not gone well for him. On the background, rooftops of Berlin start to gain freshly painted colors and the company of a morning mist.

The human construction (train station), the human element (man on the bench) and the observer (Ich) stayed motionless for about one minute. Then the train came and broke the silence with its raging breaks spitting chorus of metallic sounds. The man was gone, I was leaving but the sun remained ever rising.


I made two pictures. The black and white one that I show here and a colored one. If you would like to have any of them in better resolution so you can freely use let me know...

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JGetz disse...

Hi. I've reached your blog after a google search about the trans-siberian.

Have you done such journey?

I'm planning mine, so if you've done i,t it would help a lot if you answered some questions :-)

Thanks in advance (de um Português que escreve em Inglês, para não destoar no blog :-) )

Luis Carvalho disse...

Hi JGetz thanks for the visit...

No... Unfortunately I haven't done the trip. I'm happy that you are planing it. One day I also hope to go, but for now I have no time.

I have a German friend that did the trans-sib some time ago (until Mongolia). He just gave me one tip: Never go alone...

Peace and blog your trip...

JGetz disse...

I'm sure that if you really want to do it, you'll find time.

Thanks for the tip, but I'll really go all by myself.

I believe that with caution you can do it safely. And travelling alone forces you to do everything, which really leads to getting to know yourself.

I'll create the blog and post all the arrangements and travel logs (will let you know the address).

Thanks for the reply and... you just got a new reader for your blog :-)


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